How the Powow App helps you sell more batteries


July 13, 2023

As any technology or services retailer will attest, the post-purchase customer experience is a key selling point that adds value to the overall purchase in the eyes of customers who increasingly expect more added value with all their purchases. 

With the Powow App, that experience is transformed. Designed specifically to work with Alpha ESS batteries and our Virtual Power Plant*, this app takes the battery user experience to new heights, offering something truly unique in the industry – integrated customer support. But it doesn’t stop there – the Powow App also gives you, the retailer, a unique advantage when it comes to selling batteries.

Watch the Powow app video walkthrough

Improved Customer Experience

The Powow App was developed in response to customer feedback. By addressing the shortcomings of the legacy Alpha ESS app, it ensures that customers enjoy a more streamlined, efficient, and enriched ownership experience. This means fewer complaints and happier customers, which ultimately translates into better reviews, more referrals, and more productive sales conversations for you.

New features, more control

The Powow App combines everything that was good about the Alpha ESS app and adds new and exciting features. It offers customers more control and insight into their solar battery system, enabling them to use less grid electricity and save more with solar energy. This powerful selling point not only adds value to the battery but also helps differentiate your product from the competition.

Integrated customer support – an industry first

The Powow App also introduces a killer feature not seen in any other solar apps in Australia to date. Customers can request support directly in the app. When a support request is submitted our customer and tech support teams will help evaluate the problem and recommend tried and tested solutions that have been field tested many times over. 

What your customers will get

To help you fully understand the power and potential of the Powow App, we’ve put together an app walkthrough video. This video brings the app to life, showcasing its innovative features and how they benefit customers. It’s an excellent resource for your sales pitches and a great way to illustrate the benefits they’ll get.

An app and then some

The Powow App is more than just an app; it’s a great tool that can help you sell more batteries by adding value to the customer experience. Offering unique selling points, and providing you with a resource to illustrate these benefits effectively to customers can go a long way to help close your next battery sale with Powow. Harness the power of the Powow app today and elevate your battery sales.

One partner for all your solar battery sales needs

Join our network of Powow partners today and experience the Powow difference. Click on the button below to arrange a callback to find out more about the most complete battery sales solution on the market, as well as offers we currently are running.

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