Selling solar batteries requires a different approach than selling panel systems


March 7, 2023

In this blog post, we explore how to develop a winning battery sales pitch and how you can handle the main customer objections to getting solar batteries installed.

The recent boom in solar storage means that solar companies have a massive opportunity to grow their business with solar battery sales. However, businesses that have focused on panel sales often struggle to make battery sales.

Using the same sales pitch for solar batteries as you do for solar panels doesn’t work. However, selling batteries is easy once you adapt your sales pitch by incorporating specific battery objection handling strategies and the unique customer benefits that solar batteries provides customers.

In this blog post, we explore how to develop a winning battery sales pitch and how you can handle the main customer objections to getting solar batteries installed.

The next part of the blog looks at key battery objections, how to tackle them and how Powow’s solutions have been designed to make it easier to handle these objections effectively.

Product, payback & return on investment strategies rarely work

The typical way to sell solar panels is to talk about the upfront investment and the ‘payback time’ which is the time it takes for the total electricity bill savings to equal the original investment. When this sales technique is used to try and make a battery sale, it usually doesn’t go very well.

Why is this? Let’s say that your battery package has a good overall financial proposition where the battery pays for itself in 8 years and has a 10 year warranty. Even though the customer is in front in the long term, most people don’t want to invest $10k and then have to wait 8 years before getting a profit.

On top of that, there are concerns that if the battery breaks down and needs to be replaced during that 10 year period, the payback will be pushed out – potentially over the 10 year mark. The combination of a long wait time for profits and uncertain maintenance costs prevents many people who are interested in batteries from getting them.

The good news is that you can avoid these pitfalls quite easily with the right offers and sales strategies.

Battery sales strategies that work

To sell more batteries, you have to provide payment options that spread those savings out over the full life of the battery. This enables customers to get the financial benefits straight away, rather than waiting years and years.

Once they see that they will be able to save on their energy bills as soon as their system is up and running, you can layer in the additional benefits of being in control of your energy costs, having affordable power day and night, protecting against further energy price rises, having power during a blackout, and not having to compromise your family’s lifestyle because you have to pay for expensive grid energy.

By adding in a good virtual power plant option, they can get additional savings while feeling good about doing the right thing for the environment by helping to transition to 100% renewable energy.

Finally, the trend of the all-electric home is gathering pace. A lot of customers are starting to look more closely at how they can convert to an all electric home and use solar as a way to manage energy costs in the future. Helping these customers understand that getting a larger solar system including a battery now will help set them up for the future can be a profitable upsell opportunity.

Powow Payment Plans help address the key battery objections

Our Powow Payment solutions have been developed and refined over 1000’s of battery sales. They have been built to address the key customer battery objections to make it easy to convert leads into sales. We break that down objection by objection below:

Objection handle 1: Say goodbye to the “It does not make financial sense” objection

With the Powow Power Purchase Agreement for solar panel and battery combo systems, and the Powow Hire Purchase Plan for battery retrofits, there is $0 up front payment required. Unlike other payment methods available such as green loans and BNPL plans, with Powow payment plans you get ongoing monthly payments that are fixed, affordable AND often less than their current bill, meaning customers get value straight away instead of having to wait 8+ years to see savings.

Objection handle 2: Say goodbye to the “will it work as promised” objection

Powow Payment plans come with inbuilt peace-of-mind. Our 100% system performance guarantee not only shows that we stand behind our products and solutions, but gives the customer the security that if things go wrong we will fix it at our cost and credit them back to every day that their system was not working.

Objection handle 3: Say goodbye to the “will they look after me” objection

Powow payment plans will come with all service and maintenance included for the life of the plan. This means customers feel at ease and confident in the buying decision. They also get a 10-year warranty which adds further trust. When you add your own service promise to this, you can remove the perceived risks of getting a solar battery.

The Powow VPP – the battery savings booster that can close the sale

Selling solar panels, batteries or combo systems is a great product value proposition. By adding a battery into your offer you can open up additional savings benefits such as using less grid energy to power your home day and night as well as reducing energy bills.

You can do even better by including a Virtual Power Plan offer that saves the customer even more money, replacing the solar FITs that have all but disappeared.

But here’s the catch: The problem with most VPPs in Australia is that they require you to sell an electricity plan along with it. In essence this means that unless the customer just so happens to be with the retailer that the VPP is attached to, you have to make a whole other sale on top of the battery. You aren’t just selling a solar battery anymore, you have to sell an electricity plan with a lock-in contract too. This usually causes lost sales because the customer is confused and doesn’t want a lock in energy contract – that’s why they are going solar in the first place!

The Powow VPP is different. It is super simple to understand with no complex payment structures or hoops to jump through. And it is completely retailer neutral which means you don’t have to worry about which energy plan your customer is with – they can be with any retailer and switch at any time. The only thing you need to explain is The customer earns a $0.45/kWh payment from us every time we use their battery power for the VPP.

On top of the extra VPP savings, they can feel good about helping the community they live in reaping the benefits of more renewable energy in circulation, and the fact that they are playing a part in helping to offset coal, diesel and natural gas power plants in the race to carbon neutrality.

How Powow battery training helps

We have covered some of the basics of selling batteries in this blog post. But this is just the start of how we help companies make the transition to batteries easy.

Training is an essential part of our commitment to helping partners succeed in selling solar batteries. When you become a Powow partner, you unlock access to a comprehensive sales training program developed by battery sales experts who have sold thousands of residential batteries in Australia. The program provides tips, tricks, and strategies developed specifically for our products, that will help you close more sales and accelerate your business growth from day one of becoming a Powow partner.

The Powow battery sales training program is offered to all Powow partners in the form of guided online training available through our online training portal. You also benefit from practical face-to-face training from our battery sales experts as part of the partner onboarding process.

Course modules are easy to absorb and implement, and they come with worksheets that help your sales team to quickly put into practice the skills they have learned. By taking advantage of the Powow training program, your sales team can become confident and effective in selling solar batteries.

Want to become a Powow Partner and supercharge your battery sales?

if you are serious about taking your business to the next level with battery sales, set up a meeting with one of our battery sales experts today to go through the Powow offer and solutions in detail. You’ll also find out how to secure a Powow sales territory before your competitors do. What are you waiting for?

The information contained in this blog is for general information purposes only. Products and services described in this blog are available to the approved parties only, and are subject to Powow Energy terms and conditions. Please contact us for more information.

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