The power of simplicity: Why Powow chooses a One-Battery Model


July 12, 2023

At Powow, we believe in the power of simplicity. In an industry often over-complicated by endless product options, we’ve chosen to partner with AlphaESS because we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality product, best pricing, and most comprehensive support available for AlphaESS in Australia.

AlphaESS – impressive global reach and proven track record

AlphaESS, a global leader in solar technology, boasts over 15 subsidiaries providing local services and more than 90,000 systems actively running in over 90 countries. Their unwavering commitment to delivering reliable, accessible, and clean energy has led them to become Australia’s top battery brand by 2022 installations according to SunWiz, beating out Tesla for the top spot in the rankings.

A simple sales and distribution model to streamline battery sales

By partnering with one supplier and focusing only on the best battery model – the exclusive to Powow, Alpha ESS SMILE S5 – we’ve eliminated the complexity and uncertainty often associated with product selection. This decision was not an act of convenience but a calculated move to offer you and your customers the best in the market. 

In depth knowledge of AlphaESS products

The deep relationship we’ve forged over the last 7 years allows us to negotiate the best prices and secure exclusive products, such as the Alpha ESS SMILE S5. This directly translates into better profits for our partners without compromising battery quality.

With a history spanning thousands of sales and installations, we have an unrivaled understanding of AlphaESS batteries. Our experienced engineering and customer service support teams have been managing backend engineering support for 1000’s of Alpha installations and are equipped to offer the best free Alpha engineering/tech support in the industry as a result. 

We can provide support to your teams through every step of the Powow sales and installation process meaning you don’t have to deal with Alpha support directly and can focus on growing your business rather than getting bogged down in the details of engineering and support challenges.

Proven success and stock availability

Our model isn’t a theory; it’s a proven success. Across ShineHub, our sister company, and Powow we have deployed an impressive fleet of over 4,500 AlphaESS systems to date. Our close partnership with the AlphaESS team ensures we can procure stock speedily to meet market demands, ensuring you never have to worry about delayed deliveries or missed sales opportunities.

Boost Your Sales with VPP* compatibility

AlphaESS SMILE S5 batteries are VPP compatible right out-of-the-box. This empowers you to create more complete battery packages by including the retailer independent Powow VPP, helping your customers to earn an extra passive income – $0.55/kWh for their unused battery power.  It also gives your sales pitch an edge vs the competition who often have to sell an energy plan to offer a VPP package with their battery sales. 

More earnings for you

We’re also offering VPP recurring payments for larger partners that successfully adopt our retailer independent VPP sales model to box out their competition. Contact us today to find out more.

One partner for all your solar battery sales needs

At Powow, we offer so much more than product distribution  – we’re your partner in making solar battery sales the cornerstone of your business. Join our network today and experience the Powow difference. Contact us today to find out more about the full Powow battery sales offering, the AlphaESS SMILE S5 battery and inverter combo, and offers we currently have running. 

Experience the power of simplicity and streamlined battery sales with Powow – where quality meets affordability, superior support and business growth.

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* Powow VPP Ts&Cs apply

The information contained in this blog is for general information purposes only. Powow products are for approved customers only. Contact Powow to confirm your eligibility. Terms and conditions apply.

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