Boost your sales even more with our market leading Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Our VPP is completely retailer independent, with no lock in energy plans that get in the way of closing the sale. Differentiate your solar battery packages and create more sales for you and more savings for your customers.

So many great reasons to upgrade your solar sales with our VPP

Retailer independent

Freedom of choice is crucial – your customers are free to choose any electricity provider they like. No restrictions or lock-in energy plans anywhere in sight.

Faster battery payback

With up to $200 in extra savings per year from VPP payments, a battery makes more financial sense for more customers than ever before.

Easy to understand

Our VPP is simple. Anytime Powow discharges power from a customers’ battery, they get paid a fixed, premium rate of $0.55c / kWh.

How does the Powow VPP compare?

Unlike other VPPs, the Powow VPP is retailer independent which means you don’t have to sell an energy plan just to sell a VPP. It also means your customers have the freedom to change their retailer and energy plan whenever they like.  

Powow VPP
Other VPPs
Retailer independent
VPP credit rate
$0.55c / kWh
Cancellation fee
Recurring revenue

Combine the Powow VPP and PPA for the ultimate solar solution

The virtual power plant allows all your your new battery customers to sell their excess energy to the grid when demand is high, getting extra savings every time.

But if you are pitching a panel and battery combo, combine the Powow PPA with the VPP for a knockout offer that can often get customers savings from Day One without any money upfront, and the performance guaranteed!

Sell a complete solar energy system for $0 upfront that offers Day 1 savings – how easy is that?

Unlock sustainable, profitable business growth with recurring revenues that add to your bottom line each month

100% system performance guarantee gives customers complete peace of mind that their system will perform (or they don’t pay)

Avoid the capital and cashflow issues your competitors face – we carry all the stock you need and ship for free, so you’ll gain a massive financial advantage

System maintenance, warranty claims, and product related issues are all handled by us too – freeing you up to sell to more happy customers

They’ll save, save, and save some more

Flip the sales conversation from ‘how much it’ll cost’, to ‘how much you’ll save’.

+ Solar panels for daytime savings
+ Batteries for night-time savings
+ VPP for selling extra energy for even more savings