Get battery sales training from experts who have sold 1000’s

Learn the battery specific sales strategies and objection handling techniques to get your Powow partnership off to a flying start. Don’t settle for second best or incomplete training solutions – unlock better battery sales training with Powow.

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Through a combination of online face-to-face coaching sessions, self paced learning through our online training platform, and on-demand info and support via our dedicated Whatsapp channel, we’ll help get your team ready to sell more batteries. 

Face-to-face coaching sessions

Learn from experts who have managed sales teams and sold 1000’s of batteries themselves.

Online training platform 

Get up to speed with easy to follow training videos and worksheets to track your progress.

Whatsapp channel support

Dedicated Whatsapp channel to share info and communicate directly with our team

Upgrade your solar sales with our Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Learn how to use our retailer independent VPP to create powerful packages that saves customers even more.

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Our all-in-one training platform will boost your Solar and Battery sales | Powow

Free coaching limited to the first 150 partners

If you are serious about winning with battery sales in your market, now is the time to enquire about a Powow Partnership. 

Free online face-to-face coaching is a special offer available to the first 150 partners that sign up to become a Powow Partner. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from battery sales experts that have sold 1000’s of batteries.

Differentiate your business, sell more batteries, and leave your competition behind. Rethink batteries with Powow.

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