The Powow VPP – a game changer for solar companies


September 1, 2023

Supercharge your battery sales and earn a recurring income from new customers on boarded onto the Powow VPP. Find out how in our blog.

Why the Powow VPP is the Game-Changer for Retailers

As a retailer, one of your most significant challenges is distinguishing your packages from the rest of the industry and competing solar offers in the market. The Powow VPP offers some powerful differentiators that allow you to do just that!

Easier to sell

Retailer Independent: Unlike many VPPs on the market that are attached to a specific energy retailer and even electricity plan, the Powow VPP stands out because it is 100% retailer independent. This means your customers have the freedom to select any retail energy plan they desire, and you’re saved from the added complexity of having to trap your customers by selling them a bundled energy plan with a specific retailer.

Enhanced Customer Support: Powow VPP is the first in the market to incorporate a robust customer support feature directly within the app. This ensures timely and efficient service, helping you to enhance customer trust and loyalty. Customers can easily submit support requests, and we’ll help you evaluate them and help you identify the best solutions. With an experienced backend support team in your corner that has 1000’s of battery and VPP installations under the belt we’ll help you manage support requests with ease. 

Passive income for your customers: When your customers join the VPP, we look for opportunities to sell any spare energy stored in their battery back to the grid for a profit. When this happens it is called a VPP event. For any events your customers participate in they get paid $0.55 / KWh. These premium payments are our way of ensuring that when they join the Powow VPP they’ll keep saving money from their Powow system, even if they have to use a small amount of grid energy. 

Create a new revenue stream for your business

Powow isn’t just another product you sell; it’s also a great way to get an ongoing revenue stream for your business that does not require any extra work from your end. All you have to do is onboard your Powow customers onto the Powow VPP and reap the benefits of additional income for your business. 

Earn $25,000 per MW in extra revenue

For every customer you onboard to the VPP, you’ll get ongoing earnings for your business. Just to put things into perspective, for every 1MW of customers you onboard onto the VPP, that’s a guaranteed $25,000 in yearly VPP revenue for you!

Monetise your existing battery fleet

Our new Powow Energy Gateway product is a powerful device that can be fitted to some popular existing inverters (and can turn your existing battery assets already installed into money-makers by activating them on our VPP). This device unlocks trading in all six FCAS markets and is compatible with a number of common inverters. That’s another feather in your cap, reactivating battery sales you made in the past into revenue earners for your business and making previous sales even more valuable!

Benefits to your customers

While the Powow VPP significantly boosts your solar and battery packages and gives you a powerful differentiator to close more sales, your customers also enjoy considerable perks by joining the free Powow VPP. 

Passive Income: Customers can earn a significant $0.55/kWh every time their battery energy supports the grid. This equates to potential savings of $150-$200 yearly.

Smartphone App: A state-of-the-art app that keeps them informed about VPP events, payments, and their contribution to the community and environment. A tangible way to witness the impact of their investment.

Helping Australia transition to renewable energy: The VPP is not just a way for retailers and customers to earn a passive income. It’s also a great way to help accelerate Australia’s transition to a renewable energy future. The energy that we supply back to the grid, helps increase the amount of clean, reliable and affordable energy that is available. This doesn’t just help keep the grid stable and prevent grid events like blackouts, it also keeps energy costs down for everyone. 

Sell the Powow VPP today and take your battery sales to the next level 

For solar businesses and retailers aiming to provide unparalleled value while also bolstering their bottom line, the Powow VPP is an invaluable asset. It’s more than just a product; it’s a rewarding partnership opportunity. By offering the Powow VPP, you’re not only enhancing the value of your solar and battery packages, you’re contributing to a profitable and sustainable future for your business, and a better energy figure for all of Australia.

Become a Powow partner today and lead the change in the solar industry!

Powow VPP terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

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