Harnessing Electrification: Powering Your Sales with the Future of Energy


November 28, 2023

In this blog post we explore how you can leverage electrification and the move to all electric powered homes in your sales pitches, position your solar and battery solutions for maximum impact, and spot the low-hanging fruit/customers in the electrification movement.

In this blog post we explore how you can leverage electrification and the move to all electric powered homes in your sales pitches, position your solar and battery solutions for maximum impact, and spot the low-hanging fruit/customers in the electrification movement.

The all electric home is no longer just a concept

The march towards an all-electric future is accelerating, and it’s not just about being eco-conscious anymore—it’s about being energy-smart and future-ready and reaping the benefits of affordable energy to power your home and life. 

For solar companies, this electrification trend is a golden opportunity to redefine, adapt and optimise  your sales narrative, enhance your business’ value proposition, showcase thought leadership and identify customers who are most likely to make the move to an all electric future.

Understanding the electrification movement

Before you can sell it, you need to know it. Simply put, electrification refers to the shift from fossil-fuel-based systems of energy production and consumption to electricity-based ones. This includes the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), the switch from gas-powered heating and cooking to electric heat pumps, and the use of electric stoves instead of gas. This seismic shift isn’t just an environmental move; it’s driven by the superior efficiency, improved technology, and long-term cost savings that electrification offers.

Position solar and batteries as the foundation of electrification

Solar energy and battery storage are the bedrock of the electrification movement. Your pitch should center on how your solar solutions are not merely ‘green’ choices but essential components of a modern, electrified home where you can live more comfortably, avoiding the potential health hazards that come with gas appliances and the savings benefits of using clean affordable energy produced by the sun.

Sell the vision

Paint a picture of the electrified future for your customers. A future where cars, homes, and appliances are all seamlessly integrated, powered by the sun—a future where energy bills go down despite rises in energy costs from the big energy companies, carbon footprints shrink, and blackouts can be avoided. 

Highlight immediate benefits and long-term gains

Your customers are not just buying solar panels and batteries; they’re investing in a sustainable, cost-effective energy ecosystem. Explain the immediate benefits—like reduced energy costs and health benefits. Then, detail the long-term gains: increased property values, locked-in energy costs, and a robust defense against rising utility prices and blackouts.

Leverage technology in your pitch

With the advent of smart appliances, and even smart homes show the effective role that solar can play in these scenarios. Illustrate how solar-plus-storage solutions integrate with these appliances for an enhanced all-electric lifestyle that sets you up for the future where expensive gas and fossil fuel electricity is a thing of the past. Then underscore this with the control and efficiency that comes with solar systems and Virtual Power Plant solutions in terms of helping to optimise this new way of energy use and production.

Identify and target the early adopters

Early adopters are your low-hanging fruit. They’re already keen on technology and likely aware of electrification. Identify them by their current investments in smart home technology, EVs, or interest in sustainability. Tailor your pitch to how solar and batteries are the next logical step in their journey and how it slots seamlessly into their lifestyle and views.

Educate on the role of batteries

With the variable nature of solar energy, batteries are crucial for a reliable power supply, especially in an all-electric home. Educate your clients on how batteries store excess energy for use during peak times, reducing reliance on the grid and protecting against outages.

Address the total cost of ownership

Moving to an all-electric future is an investment. Help your customers understand the total cost of ownership of solar panels and batteries versus traditional energy costs over time. Where possible provide clear comparisons and real-life case studies to illustrate the savings and benefits that can be had by making the move to an all electric home.

Customise your solutions

No two customers are the same. Offer tailored solutions that align with your clients’ energy needs, home designs, and lifestyle choices. By customizing, you demonstrate your understanding of their specific path to electrification. Powow offers panel, battery and Virtual Power Plant solutions that help you build the perfect packages for your customers. In addition our in house technical and backend support can help you ensure that you are recommending the perfect solution to your more forward thinking customers. 

Stress the urgency

With increasing electricity rates and the tangible impacts of climate change, the time to act is now. Highlight how delaying the transition to solar could mean missing out on financial incentives and cost savings for example. 

Provide exceptional service and support

Finally, make your company stand out by offering unparalleled service and support. Be there for your clients every step of the way—from the initial assessment to installation and beyond. A satisfied customer is your best advocate in the electrification movement.


As a solar retailer,  the days of just flogging panels are over. You’re no longer just selling a product; you’re providing a gateway to a sustainable, electrified future and helping people access a renewable energy ecosystem to power their whole life.. By understanding the electrification movement and positioning your offerings accordingly, you can not only align with your customers’ aspirations but also fuel your business growth in a market poised for expansion. Remember, in the electric era, your solar solutions are more than products—they are the keys to energy independence and a better lifestyle in the most personal of spaces, their home.

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