Watch your battery sales grow with Powow PPA

Our Power Purchase Agreement makes selling solutions packages a frictionless experience.

Get more customers to say ‘yes’ than you ever thought possible

“batteries are hard to sell…”

With Powow they aren’t. Our Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) remove many of the barriers-to-entry, like concerns around the upfront cost, ongoing management, and payback time.

We make it so easy that you’ll have more customers saying “YES”, than say “no”. Which is a great thing for your business.

Cashflow positive on Day 1 – Our Power Purchase Agreement makes selling solar plans a frictionless experience.

All-inclusive maintenance and warranty – It comes with a 100% money back performance guarantee and 10 year warranty. Plus we’re responsible for maintenance, monitoring, service and equipment replacement for the system throughout the plan.

We carry the inventory cost for you – Forget capital costs. We carry stock and ship to you on-demand at no extra cost, freeing up your cashflow while also eliminating many of your risks.

Customer support is handled too – Our customer app makes it easy for customers to log an issue for us to resolve (we’ll just contact you if an onsite visit is necessary).

How does the Powow PPA compare to other options?

When you look at the details, selling Powow solar & battery packages using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) just makes good sense.

Powow PPA
Buy now,
pay later / loans
BNPL / Loans

100% performance guaranteed

Free servicing & maintanance

Full product warranty

Buy out anytime


Fixed monthly payments


Zero interest


Customer support

Products included

Here’s what makes it great for your solar business

  • Easier to offer more high-value combo solutions (solar + battery)
  • Product Maintenance & Warranty are covered for the guaranteed 10-year life of the system (we’ll just call on you to handle any onsite issues if they arise)
  • No product or inventory worries – you just quote and sell the job, and we’ll send you the main equipment components (panels, battery, inverter, etc)
  • Far easier to sell than mainstream ‘buy now, pay later’ options (as they usually don’t give Day 1 savings)
  • Customer service is handled by us in the first instance, saving you from worrying about time-consuming service calls
  • High approval rates and an easy application – all we need is their ID and a power bill

Here’s how it works for a real-life PPA customer

The Taylor family were promised 100% system performance and boy did it deliver!

Installed by local Powow Partners, this familly joined the Powow PPA and the VPP and were able to earn money on top of saving with solar. And their Powow partner generated cash as well!

Take your PPA sales to a whole new level with the Powow VPP

Take your PPA sales to a whole new level with the Powow VPP
Powow is already powering the next wave of renewable energy installs across Australia by making solar + battery combos affordable and easy to sell.

But our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) can give you an award-winning energy solution that’s hard to say no to. Let’s turn your solar business into a modern, profitable, sustainable enterprise by adding ongoing recurring revenue every month.

Be the first solar company in your market to claim a Powow PPA sales territory