Driving into the Future: How your EV and solar power system can work hand-in-hand

As the ripples of change sweep across the automobile industry, electric vehicles (EVs) are fast becoming more than just a trend – they’re a statement of sustainable living. They offer substantial savings on fuel costs and significantly reduce carbon emissions. However, one pivotal question for any EV owner is: “How will I power my vehicle?” The answer shines brightly from above: solar energy.

How the Powow App helps you sell more batteries

As any technology or services retailer will attest, the post-purchase customer experience is a key selling point that adds value to the overall purchase in the eyes of customers who increasingly expect more added value with all their purchases.  With the Powow App, that experience is transformed. Designed specifically to work with Alpha ESS batteries […]

Introducing the AlphaESS SMILE S5

The quest for renewable energy is accelerating, and Powow is at the forefront, committed to delivering high-quality, affordable, efficient, and reliable solutions to our partners.  The latest addition to our purposefully simple product selection is the Alpha ESS SMILE S5 battery and inverter combo. And we believe it can be a game changer for companies […]

The power of simplicity: Why Powow chooses a One-Battery Model

At Powow, we believe in the power of simplicity. In an industry often over-complicated by endless product options, we’ve chosen to partner with AlphaESS because we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality product, best pricing, and most comprehensive support available for AlphaESS in Australia. AlphaESS – impressive global reach and proven track record […]

Why not all VPPs are created equal

It’s no doubt that in 2023 having the right VPP offer can make a real difference to your solar battery sales success, helping to create stand out solar and battery packages that save your customers more money than standard battery offers. that differentiates your solar business.  But before choosing a VPP to sell be aware […]

Exploring Solar Sales Solutions in the Australian Market

As the demand for clean and renewable energy and solar batteries continues to surge, solar businesses in the Australian market are faced with the challenge of staying competitive while meeting the evolving needs of their customers.  There are a number of companies offering out-of-the-box solar business solutions to Australian retailers and solar companies. While these […]